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At least 350 million people live with depression, and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It affects not only the person with depression, but their loved ones and also limit them to achieve their full potential. Yet, many of us are in denial. Depression remains hidden – not treated or talked about.

~ World Health Organisation (WHO)

Dear Reader,

Are you experiencing difficult emotions such as depression, anger, or anxiety? Are you feeling lonely, confused or fearful in these difficult times? Are you seeking a safe space where you can share these difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions without being judged?

We are glad that you could reach us, at Healing Studio we provide a safe space, both online and in person, for you to share your difficult thoughts, feelings, emotions and disturbed experiences without being judged and we ensure that everything you share will remain confidential. We assure you that you don’t have to feel alone in your difficult times, we are here to emotionally support you.

We will help you overcome your emotional pain and suffering, and facilitate to resolve practical issues and challenges that you may be facing. Through therapeutic conversations we will explore how these problems affect your hopes and dreams and together we will navigate through pathways leading to preferred territories.

Over the years, my clients have shown tremendous resilience and capabilities to respond to challenges and bounced back from their adversities and problem saturated narratives to a world full of possibilities and preferred landscapes. I believe each individual has tremendous reservoir of strength and resilience which could be tapped into provided a gentle environment of unconditional positive regard

In many ways my sense of hope and resilience find roots in my clients journeys, and I’m in gratitude to my clients who trusted me when they were the most vulnerable and fragile.

Tejas is the only male licensed Clinical Psychologist in Mumbai. We are one of the highly rated and considered as providing best psychotherapy in Mumbai and Online.

Consult online like many other clients for a safe counseling session via video, skype, google meet or zoom. Make sure therapy slots are available to prevent inconvenience! Many of our clients have safely shifted to online therapy in the times of corona covid-19 virus lock-down.

We provide psychotherapy services online over zoom and we have clients of Indian origin who have settled abroad, he has catered to clients from America, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, etc. and clients from all over India especially to patients from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune and Nagpur.

We provide counseling in Hindi, English and Gujarati. You will need a high speed internet connection, safe silent space and good quality headphones. Many clients get used to the technology within few sessions.

You will have to fill a small intake form, please go through this page intake page, it contains information about, fees, duration, mode of fee payment etc:

Or to make an appointment: Call us at +91 702 144 0454 or WhatsApp or E-mail us at [email protected]

Do not hesitate to connect with us for doubts or queries.

Hope and courage,
Tejas Shah,
Mental Health Professional,
M.Phil Clinical Psychology (RCI),
Clinical Director, Healing Studio.
+91 702 144 0454