What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of counseling where a small group of people meet regularly to discuss, interact, and explore problems with each other along with the group leader or group therapist. Group counseling seeks to give individuals a safe and comfortable place where they can work out problems and emotional concerns. Members gain insight into their own thoughts and be­havior, and offer suggestions and support to others.

In addition, people who have a difficult time with interpersonal relationships can benefit from the social interactions that are a basic part of the group counseling experience. Most groups composed of individuals of differing ages, backgrounds and ex­periences. This helps to provide additional perspectives.

Clinical experience and research have shown that a majority of people in need of professional assistance can benefit greatly from certain forms of Group Therapy. Group Analysis or Group Therapy is also known as “Psychoanalytic Group Therapy in Mumbai,” “Group Psychoanalysis in Mumbai,” or “Support Groups in Mumbai,” or “Group Therapy in Mumbai”, “Online Group Therapy on Zoom”. 

What are the Goals of Group Counseling?

People who participate in counseling groups benefit in many ways. We be­lieve that groups are uniquely suited to help individuals. Group therapy is affordable compared to individual therapy and is considered as effected as individual therapy. Group therapy helps in alleviating depression, anxiety and also manage personality disorder patterns. Group counseling also helps to:

  • Give and receive support
  • Gain insight into their own thinking and behavioural patterns
  • Increased awareness of how they respond to others in the group
  • Gain understanding of problems and explore possible solutions
  • Practice interpersonal skills in a safe group setting
  • Learn more about  how you come across to others
  • Increase observation and feedback skills
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Improve emotional expressiveness
  • Decrease social isolation
  • Develop good communication skills
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