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Group Therapy

🎯 Description:
Group Analysis is a form of psychotherapy by the group, of the group, including its conductor. Group analysis aims to achieve a healthier integration of the individual in his or her network of relationships. The focus is on the relationship between the individual and the group, thus placing emphasis on the essentially social nature of human experience.

“The method and theory of group analysis is concerned with a dynamic understanding of the inner working of the human mind as a social, multi-personal phenomenon” (Foulkes 1975) and as such can be applied to groups, individuals, couples, families and applied groups.

Clinical experience and research have shown that a majority of people in need of professional assistance can benefit greatly from certain forms of Group Therapy. Group Analysis or Group Therapy is also known as “Psychoanalytic Group Therapy in Mumbai,” “Group Psychoanalysis in Mumbai,” or “Support Groups in Mumbai,” or “Group Therapy in Mumbai”, “Online Group Therapy on Zoom”. 

We provide psychotherapy services online over zoom and we have clients of Indian origin who have settled abroad, he has catered to clients from America, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, etc. and clients from all over India especially to patients from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune and Nagpur.

📖 Format / method:
We are offering Group Analysis in Mumbai, India and Online over Zoom. Groups generally meet once a week for one and a half hours but this may vary. They have a slowly changing membership of up to a maximum of eight participants.

As a prospective group member you are asked to come for an assessment. This is to determine whether group analysis is a suitable type of therapy for your needs. There may then be a period of waiting until a suitable vacancy becomes available. If this is the case you can choose to have some individual sessions until you join the group.

Group Analysis, affects the deepest levels of the personality, is not a rapid therapy, and you can expect to be in the group more than a year. Group meetings are confidential and members are asked not to meet each other outside of the group.

⏰ Time: Each session will be 90 minutes long.

🏬 Venue: Online via Zoom.

💰 Fees:
1) Rs.1500 for intake session (instead of Rs.5000)
2) Rs.12,000 for 6 months weekly group therapy (Rs.500 per session – early bird reduced fee – instead of Rs.1500)

Do you want to be part of group therapy?

How to make an online appointment at Healing Studio:
Consult online like many other clients for a safe counseling session via video, skype, google meet or zoom. Many of our clients have safely shifted to online therapy in the times of corona covid-19 virus lock-down. Make sure therapy slots are available to prevent inconvenience!

You will need a high speed internet connection, safe silent space and good quality headphones. Many clients get used to the technology within few sessions.

You will have to fill a small intake form, it contains information about, fees, duration, mode of fee payment etc.

Call: +91 702 144 0454 or WhatsApp to make an appointment!

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Tejas Shah

TEJAS SHAH is a PhD Scholar and has M.Phil in Clinical Psychology (RCI), MSc in Psychology, MA in Philosophy and a Degree in Law (LL.B) from University of Mumbai; he is practicing as Chief Clinical Psychologist at Healing Studio. His research interests are consciousness, phenomenology, positive psychology, philosophical counselling and mindfulness. You can connect with him on [email protected].