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Subject: Uplift Your Mood

Dear Friend,

– Do you experience unhealthy negative emotions at times but don’t know the cause?
– Do you feel depressed, anxious or even angry at self, others or life situations?

At times we feel low for no apparent reason! I’ve experienced during my time with clients and also experimenting by myself that these negative emotions which may appear to crop up for no apparent reason have a certain kind of though processes which underpin these emotions, you will discover that most of the times these thoughts are negative or irrational in nature. This may happen due to a phenomenon which is known as “negative bias”, we are wired to give more weight to negative rather than positive experiences.

Can you look for the positive amid the negative thoughts and events in the world around you? Focusing on the positive words lifts your mood and helps you regulate your negative emotions.

Studies have shown that the human brain is more responsive to pleasant words than unpleasant words. Focusing on the positive words, like “optimism” and “joy” is a form of positive mood induction. According to Professor Barbara Fredrickson, even temporary positive emotions like ‘joy’ or ‘interest’ can result in a “broadening” of our thoughts, and actions, and help regulate our negative emotions. Most importantly, once you’re in this improved cognitive state, you’re more likely to do things with long-term impact, like solve problems or strengthen your relationships. So it may seem frivolous to create a transient good mood, but even a temporary lift in your emotions can have lasting benefits.

In eye-tracking studies, participants who were induced into a positive mood were also shown to seek out more positive emotions in order to preserve their upbeat mood and maintain their “upward spiral” of emotions, broadening their attention to neutral or happy stimuli and paying more attention to positive things in their environment.

So are you up for an activity which will enhance your ability to experience positive emotions? Write down 21 positive words that come to your mind. Think hard if you are not able to come up with 21 words. Initially you may find it difficult to think of positive words but with practice it will become more easier, you have to make yourself think about positive words and situations to create a habit to look for positives. After doing this exercise regularly it will become a kind of your nature to experience positive emotions.

Apply these skills to the real world: Can you look for the positive amid the negative thoughts and events in the world around you?

This activity can help you :
– Train your brain for positivity
– Lift your mood
– Reduce negative thinking

Why not do this activity for next 21 days and see the results for yourself? You can write it on a separate journal or a diary or simply on a notepad or email yourself everyday. I encourage you to start now.

If you wish success and happiness for your friends and family and want to bring them along with you on this path of self-healing and self-improvement then do share this page with them.

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Yours Loving,

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Tejas Shah

TEJAS SHAH is a PhD Scholar and has M.Phil in Clinical Psychology (RCI), MSc in Psychology, MA in Philosophy and a Degree in Law (LL.B) from University of Mumbai; he is practicing as Chief Clinical Psychologist at Healing Studio. His research interests are consciousness, phenomenology, positive psychology, philosophical counselling and mindfulness. You can connect with him on [email protected].

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