Clinical Supervision Groups

🎯 Description:
Healing Studio is offering low cost online clinical supervision in groups. Effective supervision practices can facilitate professional development of the supervisee. Group supervision can provide unique opportunities to establish critical professional repertoires such as peer feedback skills.

Group supervision involves the use of a group setting to enable members to reflect on their work. By pooling skills, experience and knowledge, the aim of the session is to improve the skills and capability of both individuals and the group. The goal of the session may be to solve problems, plan work and set priorities, learn from others or make decisions. We, at Healing Studio, follow the solution-building paradigm, we usually don’t give advice, but ask questions to invite the supervisee to discover and use their own expertise.

📖 Format
We will be meeting weekly. The group will consists of one supervisor and four supervisees. The format of group supervision is such that each one of you will present on rotation and will get two consecutive sessions to present. The first session is to present the case history followed by discussion and the second session is to present a therapy session with the same client. 

🚀 Benefits:
🎁 There are a number of unique characteristics associated with learning experiences that occur in a group setting which cannot be obtained through individual supervision alone. These characteristics and associated benefits include peer feedback, social networking, having multiple listeners for the same event, observational learning, developing empathy, modeling and rehearsing positive and productive discussion, practicing public speaking and presenting, and developing professional repertoires.

⭐ At the end of the year, you will receive a certificate if you complete minimum 50 hours of group supervision.

🗓 Dates: (please contact us on [email protected])

⏰ Time: Each session will be 75 minutes long. (check the form below)

🏬 Venue: Online via Zoom

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For: MA Psychology / M.Phil Clinical Psychology.

🎓 Supervisor: Tejas Shah, M.Phil Clinical Psychology (RCI),

💰 Fees: (please contact us on [email protected])

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We provide clinical supervision and therapy services online over zoom and we have clients of Indian origin who have settled abroad, he has catered to clients from America, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, etc. and clients from all over India especially to patients from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune and Nagpur.