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Do you experience happiness on a daily basis or do you experience feelings of depression, anxiety or anger? Are you satisfied with the growth that you’re making in your personal and professional life?

At least 350 million people live with depression, and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It affects not only the person with depression, but their loved ones and also limit them to achieve their full potential. Yet, many of us are in denial. Depression remains hidden – not treated or talked about.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Mumbai. Tejas has over 12 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist, Couples and Family Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Apart from the prestigious M.Phil in Clinical Psychology (RCI) he holds Masters in Psychology and Masters in Philosophy. He is trained in Couples and Family Therapy (CFT) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai as well as from NIMHANS, Bangalore. He is trained in CBT for Anxiety, Depression and Personality Disorders from Beck Institute, Philadelphia, USA. He got his Certifications in ACT for Depression and Anxiety from Dr. Harris, USA. He has TA101 Certification from the ITAA, USA. He is a Professional Member of Association for Contextual Behavioural Science, USA and he is an International Affiliate Member of the prestigious American Psychological Association, USA.

His integrated psychotherapy practice is informed by existential-humanistic/person-centered approach, clinical hypnosis, motivational enhancement therapy, motivational interviewing, emotion-focused therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, transactional analysis, evidence-based rational emotive and cognitive-behavioral techniques, schema therapy, family and couples therapy, post-modern approaches such as solution-focused brief therapy, narrative therapy, feminist approach, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy and mindfulness based practices.

With his unique blend of skills he understands and facilitates clients to overcome low mood, depression, loneliness, anxiety, anger, trauma, phobias, feelings of guilt, and ideas of worthlessness, hopelessness and helplessness. He works with his clients with a goal-directed approach in reducing distress, encourages better functioning and collaborates in problem-solving.

His areas of specialization include individual psychotherapy and family and couples therapy for clients diagnosed with Clinical Depression, Anxiety Disorders, OCD and Adjustment Disorders, Substance Abuse Disorder, resolving Marital Conflicts and Overcoming Mental, Physical and Sexual Abuse for adults and children. He is sensitive to LGBTQIA+ issues. He also works with children and adolescents with ADHD, Autism, Intellectual Disability and Emotional and Behavioral problems. He is trained to deal specifically with complex clinical conditions such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Stress-Related Dissociative Disorders, and Personality Disorders.

While working extensively with both children and adults in public and private hospitals, he has conducted various workshops for schools and colleges as a clinical and child psychologist and has successfully delivered lectures at various national & international conferences and seminars. He believes in co-creating safe spaces for people who need emotional support. He is passionate about the cause of mental health and volunteers at suicide prevention helpline and frequently engages in outreach programs to make mental health conversations more accessible.

Tejas is a speaker, therapist, trainer and a lifestyle coach. He has vast experience in life coaching and personal transformation. He helps clients to optimize their own potential by focusing on enhancing productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

How to reach Healing Studio: The center doesn’t take walk-in patients. Avoid waiting time by making an appointment before visiting the center. Make sure therapy slots are available to prevent inconvenience!

Call: +91 702 144 0454 and ask for an appointment!

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