Be The Change

(You Have Got a Mail !)

Subject: Be The Change

Dear Friend,

Do you know? Do you really know?

We casually say I know the consequences, I know how bad it is for me, my family and my community, “Do we really know?”. If we really ‘knew’ we may not act the way we do, If our actions are not in congruence with our thoughts then can we really say we know?

This “anything goes” or “life on autopilot” is one of the major causes of disturbances and self-defeating behaviors. We are just alive and not living, thriving or flourishing. We do not know what we are doing and why we are doing. We are just acting on impulses and not on reason.

We want change, but change in whom? in the others or in self? Who will bring that change? As they say charity begins at home, why not do a favor for ourselves! Why not start it with self? While sharing this with you I remember words of a great person who said “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Be the change agent. If you are not truly satisfied with your own behaviors then how will you bring that change? To be that change agent, it has to start with self.

The essence of human nature is bliss, we don’t have to do anything to change that, it is only that we are doing something illogical that is bringing us misery.

Ask these three questions to yourself

  1. Where am I in life?
  2. Where am I going? and
  3. Who is directing me?

If you wish success and happiness for your friends and family and want to bring them along with you on this path of self-healing and self-improvement then do share this page with them.

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Yours Loving,