Master Affirmations Workshop: Learn Positive Thinking

Learn positive thinking techniques. Affirmations are tools for positive change. They are positive statements used to correct beliefs about ourselves and others.
Learn Positive Thinking Techniques!


Healing Studio announces 5th Batch of “MASTER AFFIRMATIONS WORKSHOP”

📄 Description:
✔ Affirmations are tools to positive change.. and the time for that positive change is NOW! There is no time like the present for you to take control of your thoughts.
✔ Affirmations are positive sentences. They are used to correct our wrong perceptions and beliefs. Doing affirmations is not hard work. It can be a joyous experience as you lift the burden of old negative beliefs.
✔ Join countless others who have used affirmations to change their lives.

📖 Things you will learn:
⭐ Identifying negative chatter of the mind.
⭐ Learn top most effective affirmations.
⭐ Key points to be considered while creating affirmations.
⭐ Two powerful techniques for using affirmations.
⭐ Step-by-step process of creating affirmations.
⭐ List of ready-to-use affirmations on various aspects of daily life

🎁 Benefits:
📚 You develop a habit of positive thinking. So, your thoughts start transforming from negative to positive.
📚 Using affirmations starts a process of change of life from helplessness to be in charge of life.
📚 Because our thoughts are the basis of the foundation of our reality, affirmations help us change our current reality.
📚 Starts a deeper processes of Healing.

🗓 Date: 17th May 2020 (Sun)

⏰ Time: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm (Indian Standard Time – IST)

🏬 Venue: Online (Zoom link will be sent via email a day before the event)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For: Anyone who wants to learn to write affirmations!

🎓 Facilitator: Tejas Shah, Clinical Psychologist,

💰 Fees: ₹350/-

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⭐⭐ Previous Participant’s Feedback ⭐⭐

“Attending the affirmation workshop was a wonderful experience. The content was interesting, intriguing and thought provoking. The trainer was structured and interactive at the same time which made learning even more fun!”

~ Dr. Rijusmita, Batch #01

“I really enjoyed the affirmation workshop. It was very interactive and precise. Dr Tejas did really well in clearing our doubts and created an atmosphere within each groups that we all felt positive, inspired, motivated. We enjoyed it so much that we willingly extended the session… I would highly recommended everyone to attend the workshop session.”

~ Sweta Mehta, Batch #01

“It was really a great session because it gave me a lot of insights on Affirmations and how to use them in your daily life to improve the quality of the thought you have which will shape the desired future. Dr. Tejas way of explaining and dividing the participants into break out sessions where a group of 4-5 people would share their side of the story was also unique and heartwarming as it helps us understand that we are not the only one’s passing through a difficult time and plus the views and examples from the participants also motivates us. I would love to be a part of such sessions in future as well. Thank You”

~ Yash Furia, Batch #01

“Dr. Tejas had organized a very interactive and informative session. Thoroughly enjoyed it as well as it helped to gain lot of knowledge on how can we improve our life in any certain or uncertain situation. I highly recommend attending his session as the experience you would get would be highly valuable. Thank you Dr.Tejas for the life-changing experience. Kind regards..”

~ Jayesh Sapra, Batch #01

“Yes it was an informative and enlightening…. definitely affirmations will transform our thought process …personally it will take time transform but definitely I got the vision from this session..”

~ Sadhya, Batch #02

“I liked the theory and presentation, as well as the breaking into groups for discussion and deeper understanding. The pop quizzes were engaging and the trainer answered our doubts well. I realized my blocks in thinking as well. I would like to explore affirmations further..”

~ Anonymous, Batch #02

“Workshop was totally amazing. I well understood how the affirmations influence our internal well being. I liked Dr Tejas overall presentation, specially when Sir used real time examples related to participant’s life, thoughts, undersding etc that develop more undersding. This workshop definately help me in my practice area too. Thanku Dr Tejas.”

~ Dr Richa Shree, Batch #02

“The training was really helpful and filled with valuable insight that can offer sufficient scope towards inculcating conviction and confidence in individuals. The activities were appropriate and efficiently organised. I thank our Resource Person for making the session diverse, interesting, illustrative and interactive..”

~ Chiranjit Nandy, Batch #02

“The workshop was an eye-opener. It brought in the awareness of the negative affirmations we keep telling ourselves unknownlingly everyday. The trainer heard each one of us attentively and resolved all our queries with his expertise. I learnt the method of forming positive affirmations and how it helps to create a positive state of mind which is of utmost importance in this busy and competitive world..”

~ Eden D’souza, Batch #02

“My overall experience was great. Dr. Tejas explained the elusive concept of affirmations in a detailed way so that everyone could understand. He gave relevant examples of what constitutes affirmations and what don’t. There were multiple sharing sessions which made the workshop interactive and personalized. Clearing out of common misconceptions about affirmations proved to be really helpful in gaining new insights into it. The environment was very positive and I was fortunate enough to learn how to get the most out of affirmations in my daily practice, furthering my progress towards healing, wholeness and my life goals..”

~ Rose Dsouza, Batch #02

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