Emotional Transformation Workshop

Understanding Emotions Workshop | Tejas Shah | Healing Studio
Understanding Emotions Workshop | Tejas Shah | Healing Studio

😇 8 Week Step by Step Emotional Transformation Workshop

🎯 Description:
✅ We all go through emotional difficulties in life, but we don’t have to continue to disturb ourselves
✅ Uncover the root cause of emotional disturbance and gain more control over your feelings
✅ Understand the underlying attitude fueling emotional disturbance
✅ Learn the cha-cha-cha! the thought-feeling-behaviour dance
✅ Transform your life with practical tools and techniques
✅ Be part of experiential group for 8 week inner-work through group processes
✅ Learn to deeply connect and listen to yourself and ‘the other’ in the here and now through group process

📖 Features / Things you will learn:
⭐ Identifying disturbed emotions and the price you pay
⭐ Step-by-step process of emotional healing
⭐ Learn how to experience healthy emotions instead of unhealthy emotions
⭐ Discover top 4 processes underpinning these disturbed experiences
⭐ Identify self-defeating behaviours
⭐ Personal work through experiential group exercises

🚀 Benefits:
🎁 Experience disturbance free happier days
🎁 Engage in self-enhancing goal driven behaviours
🎁 Learn to accept and love yourself rather than rejecting yourself
🎁 Learn practical wisdom to tackle stress, and become happier
🎁 Manage emotions and enjoy better relationships
🎁 Develop self-observing capacity through exercises

⚡️ Bonuses for VIP Pack!
👉 Certificate (requires completion of additional reflective exercises)
👉 Self-Help Workbook PDF
👉 8 Hypnosis MP3s (One For Each Emotion)

🗓 Dates:
1️⃣ Weekday Batch – 19th May 2020 to 7th July (Tuesday)
2️⃣ Weekend Batch – 24th May 2020 to 12th July (Sundays)

⏰ Time: 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (Indian Standard Time – IST)

🏬 Venue: Online (Zoom link will be sent via email a day prior the event)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For: Anyone who wants to understand and overcome disturbed emotions!

🎓 Facilitator: Tejas Shah, Clinical Psychologist, HealingStudio.in

💰 Fees:
1️⃣ ₹6,950/- VIP Pack (Full 16 hour Workshop Series of 8 Emotions + Certificate + Workbook PDF + 8 Hypnosis MP3)
2️⃣ ₹5,950/- Executive Pack (Full 16 hour Workshop Series of 8 Emotions)
3️⃣ ₹2,950/- Study Pack (Workbook PDF + 8 Hypnosis MP3)

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