Welcome to 2016

Day 001: 1st January 2016

Welcome to 2016, a new year, a new beginning. Every year we wish to accomplish something, change some habit or learn something new. We make resolutions, we follow them rigorously (for first few days) then by the mid of January itself few of us tend to go downward slope with the resolutions! Somehow we lose focus, find excuses or lose the rigor and desire to work on them and drop the resolutions!

Top 5 resolutions that people make :
1. Lose Weight
2. Exercise
3. Earlier to Bed
4. Quit Smoking / Drink less
5. Improve Relationships

It’s almost impossible to follow through these resolutions if you don’t have a sustained desire to work on it.

When you want to achieve something, you have to have rigor and an obsession to achieve it, to create that feeling of burning desire you have to think thoughts that are in line with your goals and desires, your actions will come to reflect those thoughts.

From today on wards I will post twice a week (sometimes even a video!) something to motivate you to sail through the turbulence you might face on your journey towards self-improvement.

A right mindset (beliefs) is the first step towards working on your goals. Everything is created twice first in the mind and then in the physical realm. Similarly, to achieve your goals it has to start with the mind and then followed with actions.

From my personal experience and working with my clients I’ve found is that it’s also almost impossible to attract abundance into your life if you don’t truly believe that you deserve it. Dismantling a lifetime of conditioning can seem daunting – but with the right attitude and the knowledge that you can change your beliefs with consistent, positive self-talk, it becomes something that simply takes mindful practice.

But to begin with any journey you have to have some kind of belief in self, many of us lack that belief, we do not find ourselves worthy of a good life, we may subconsciously believe that we do not deserve good things in life.

When my clients lose motivation or falter I make them ask this one question to themselves:

“Why would I want to bring changes in my life?”
“For a simple reason : I’m worth it!”

(or better watch L’Oreal ad! No Kidding!)

Today, remind yourself that you are worthy and deserving.

“I am worthy and deserving of the wealth and abundance I desire.”
“I deserve to be successful, I deserve to accomplish my goals”

It is not unusual if you feel silly or uncomfortable to say this to yourself and this is the very reason that you should say these affirmation regularly. Feeling uncomfortable saying these lines itself somewhere reflects the lack of self-love and self-acceptance. It may not feel natural at first, but over time you will internalize the message (as long as you repeat it to yourself).

Tomorrow I will post an exercise that will help you make these resolutions.

If you wish success and happiness for your friends and family and want them to bring along with you on this path of self-healing and self-improvement do share this learning with them.

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Tejas Shah, MSc. (Psy)
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