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Practical Courses in Counseling - Healing Studio

Dear Participant,

Healing Studio’s Practical Courses in Counseling are complete one-on-one based high-quality intensive focused practical skills training in counseling and therapy with easy to understand structured lessons. PFA the details about the courses, levels, duration, content, timing, and fees. The certificates will be couriered to you via post.

Who should pursue these courses?
Mental health professionals including practicing/non-practicing psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and psychology students. Professionals from other helping professions like doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, teachers, pastors, preachers shall also be benefited with this workshop. Students who are undergoing a Ph.D. or M.Phil program with their research topics as Cognitive Behavior therapy or Rational Emotive Behavior therapy too shall be benefited. Besides mental health professionals, this workshop will help immensely to anyone who wants to help himself/herself to function more effectively.

What is the methodology used to impart the course?
Interactive online discussions via Skype, lectures and video demonstrations showing counseling in action, discussions and case presentations by participants. No role-playing is used. Participants will carry out a ‘shame attack’ (to be completed and submitted in writing), and will make a 10-minute essay presentation (topic to be discussed with the trainer). Submission of one recorded session demonstrating the use of counseling accompanied by a transcript and an analysis / formulation of the case in counseling terms is required for final assessment. Homework assignments are given and extra reading is recommended.

What are the unique program benefits?
With a plethora of learning methods employed, this course takes the learning experience to a higher level. Hands-on experience of the therapeutic methods, techniques and skills. Reading material plus references.Certificates awarded to all participants

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Clinical Psychologist,
Healing Studio.
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Tejas Shah

TEJAS SHAH is a PhD Scholar and has M.Phil in Clinical Psychology (RCI), MSc in Psychology, MA in Philosophy and a Degree in Law (LL.B) from University of Mumbai; he is practicing as Chief Clinical Psychologist at Healing Studio. His research interests are consciousness, phenomenology, positive psychology, philosophical counselling and mindfulness. You can connect with him on [email protected].

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